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Managing Director of kaamchaalu - Ravi Thakur shares tips for digital marketing

Talking to Managing Director of kaamchaalu, the young and successful digital entrepreneur, Ravi Thakur, is a rewarding experience, not only for those aspiring to be a digital marketer like him but also for the rest of us, who could benefit for his straightforward advice on how to make it big in life, without compromising on your values.

You will agree that being a digital entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, when Ravi Thakur aced the digital space with his exceptional skills, his advice holds a lot of weight among his followers. So here it goes –

Why Digital Marketing?

Why would anyone choose digital marketing as a profession? Or why did Ravi himself choose this field as a career? Ravi says marketing not only encourages innovation, but it also teaches you to adopt new approaches to your problems. Digital marketing as a profession brings a lot of positive changes to your life like the ability to adapt and perform innovatively.

Is it rewarding?

When asked whether this field is as rewarding as some of the lucrative career options available out there, Ravi assures that if you’ve got the passion to persevere and the skills to devise unique ideas and innovative solutions to the market demands, you can earn considerably well through this career. You only need to stick to it long enough to develop a serious understanding of the digital market and its needs.

How to start?

Ravi says that before you make a decision to become a digital marketer, you need to ensure that this is what you really want to do. He advises to start with a website, wherein you will be required to nurture visitors and conduct email marketing, both a crucial part of social media marketing. He suggests one should focus on these crucial points before doing more to become the perfect digital guru.

Ravi Thakur from Bihar began his digital journey with his friends and made a team, Founded a digital marketing agency and due to their passion and enthusiasm towards this market, today their company is working with Celebrities.